The Nature Of Legalizing Euthanasia

Vidal 1 Euthanasia is a controversy that has sparked many heated debates all around the world. Due to its nature of removing human life in an instant with the mere injection or consumption of a drug. Many people believe that human life is a precious thing that should be preserved. And others would disagree that Euthanasia should be used as a means of ending their life. Though in truth, Euthanasia should be legalized, for people have the constitutional right to die, euthanasia can be morally justified, and people should be able to die with dignity.
Assisted suicide, physician assisted suicide or, mercy killing are general terms used to describe Euthanasia. As Euthanasia is the action of intentionally take oneself life
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Though inescapable people have the right to die knowing that they had a dignified death. That’s why more laws like Oregon 's, Death with Dignity Act should be a legalized as it was the first state to “legalize physician-assisted suicide” (Wyden 33). To qualify for the Law “patients must make two oral requests and one written request at least two weeks apart, be terminally ill with less than six months to live and be judged terminally ill, and be mentally competent to make the decision by separate physicians” (Rudden 120). Not only has this law have positive outcomes, but has also improved end of life care. Now people don 't have to worry about what happens to them as they have “peace of mind knowing that they can remain in control of their life if they choose to do so” (Wyden …show more content…
The oath brought up the idea “that suicide was a social evil akin to killing another human person…”(Piercy 11). This practice is mainly used by doctors all around the world as it prevents them from participating in the destruction of another person under the “basis that they lack the quality of life, rather than considering whether the treatment will help the person get better or preserve their life until the natural end” (Piercy 12) Not only that but doctors that follow the hippocratic oath are bound not by law or physical thing, but for what it mean for people to be human. As human are fragile creatures and if doctors stopped treating people they 're taking away what it means to be human.

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In conclusion, euthanasia brings strong points to why it should be legalized such as it constitutional for people to be able to die, it can be morally justified, and people should be able to die with dignity. Though criticized euthanasia has many benefits as free people should be able to decide what they want to do with their lives and how to do. Without others scrutinizing them for it. There is not wrong with euthanasia it’s just path that a particular person picked for themselves. And euthanasia shouldn 't really be considered murder if people consent to what they

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