The Legal Services Commission Of South Australia And The Queensland Courts

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In Queensland , there is a process in action that places offending prisons in a Magistrate Court to preside whether or not they shall be put into imprisonments or not. The Australian courts follow a system of diplomatic hierarchy. The Supreme court followed by the District court and then Magistrates court. But before the process of the court a police arrest may occur, this report provided by the police is used as evidence in the process of the hearing.
Research Methods
Information has been accumulated from the following internet sources such as the Legal Services commission of South Australia and the Queensland Courts . The visit to the court house and the police had also provided this assessment with information but the notes taken from class and YouTube videos has also be used.
Police Procedure
The procedure followed by the police officers during the process of and offending person or people. The officers start with the official arrest, when placing a person under an official arrest the officer is required to state why the person has been arrested and that whatever he or she says or does maybe used against them in the order of court, and the officer details. A search is then implemented by the officer before being transported to the Police station and placed into the watch house where official fingerprints and photos are taken off the offending criminal. Once in the courthouse the offending person is then given a notice to appear in court.

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