The Legal Responsibilities Of Nursing Essay

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Nursing has an important role in the delivery of healthcare today. State-mandated safe staffing levels are necessary to ensure safety for both patients and nurses, and crucial to enhancing patient care and adequate outcomes. Staffing levels continue to intensify daily especially now that the baby boomers age and the demand for healthcare services grow. This paper will discuss the legal responsibilities of both nurses and hospital administration when poor nurse to patient ratios are cause for serious medication errors. Many ethical issues arise when the dangers of understaffing cause unsafe working conditions for nurse’s and compromise the patient care they deliver. Accountability for practicing in unsafe work conditions, causing harm to a patient, rests with the nurse. The potential for disciplinary nursing board action in this situation is very real. Safe staffing levels pose many issues at the clinical level influencing patient mortality, patient satisfaction, increased incidences of medical errors, poor quality care and nursing dissatisfaction (Camphor, 2014).
Legal Responsibilities in Nursing Nurse practice acts are laws that define the responsibilities of nurses and their scope of practice, the range of activities and services and the qualifications for which we practice. The acts were established to protect patients from harm as a result of unsafe practice (American Nurses Association, 2012).…

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