The Legal Drinking Age Should Be Lowered Essay

1456 Words Nov 10th, 2015 null Page
Alcohol can be considered a serious drug. In many parts of the world drinking alcoholic beverages is a necessity when it comes to hanging out or having social gatherings; however, the intake of alcohol introduces health risk as well as social concerns regarding the dangerous ingredients. The consumption of alcohol can also result in traffic accidents with injuries. In the United States, the minimum drinking age was established. You have to be 21 years of age to purchase and consume any type of alcohol unless you are at home under adult supervision or have medical exemptions. Many people disagree with congress on this law and believe that the legal drinking age should be lowered. There are many different points of views when it comes to this topic of whether or not the United States should lower the drinking age or keep it at 21 years of age. It should remain at 21 because you are not considered a full adult until this age and you are more responsible.
The United States considers 18 as the age of adulthood. Adults should have the right to decide whether or not they want to consume alcohol. When you turn 18 you are accepting the responsibilities of an adult such as voting, buying and smoking tobacco products, serving on juries, getting married, signing contracts, being prosecuted as an adult and joining the military and risking their lives. (Goode, 2012) Those who are in the military, and are of the age of 18 or older and who are on active duty, should be…

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