The Legal Drinking Age Should Be Legal Essay

752 Words Oct 10th, 2016 4 Pages
Alcohol is present in our society since ancient times. Alcohol consumption varies greatly from one culture to another, and it is easy to see the influence of alcohol in the socialization of many individuals. Alcohol has been an indispensable component of toasts, feasts, and celebrations since immemorial times. Must be set an age limit for the consumption of alcohol? Of course, and nobody denies the need of rules for that matter. The alcohol is a substance which has possible harmful health effects and cannot exist in society without regulation. But where is the limit? At this moment the minimum age to have legal access to alcoholic drinks is twenty-one years old, which is three years later than the age when we become legally responsible for our actions; actions like voting for elections, getting married or joining the army. Any of these actions require a lot more responsibility than consume alcohol. Therefore, the legal drinking age should be the same age as any other legal responsibility an adult has; eighteen years old. Very soon the future of this nation will be in the hands of voters that will choose a new president. The new president will lead not only this country; also he will probably lead the path and the future of the free world. My question here is; what is the first requirement that you must have as a future voter? The American voting system states that a citizen is prepared to have an influence on the fate of the world just after reaching eighteen years old,…

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