The Legal Drinking Age Of 21 Essay

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The Webster definition of danger is the possibility that you will be hurt or killed. We let danger flow through our blood and often don’t think twice about the consequences. Drunk driving, alcohol poisoning, and inebriated violence are real and happening across the United States. Alcohol is a dangerous drug that is used on a daily basis by American citizens. The law concerning when it’s legal for people to drink has been stirring up major controversy for decades. To ensure everyone’s well-being people need to be aware of the laws in place and any possible amendments that would be safer for the public.
An organization called Choose Responsibility is convinced the current minimum legal drinking age of 21 (MLDA 21) is ineffective and should be amended back to MLDA 18 (McCardell 2007). Choose Responsibility’s persistence left secondary schools across America questioning the MLDA 21 themselves. The result was the creation of a sub-group, the Amethyst Initiative, made up of 136 college presidents and chancellors that also advocate for the MLDA 21 to be lowered to MLDA 18. They have faith that it will reduce binge drinking and produce a safer environment for college and high school students (McCardell 2009). Both groups feel their perspectives and methods are cast away as folly. Portraying the feelings of frustration and borderline helplessness these organizations feel, Turnbow says, “This idea of a forgotten disease is almost absurd–a disease for which a cure is available…

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