The Legal Drinking Age Is A Set Of Demographic, Familial, Academic And Social Characteristics

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The data set our group chose to analyze looks at alcohol consumption for students in Portugal given a set of demographic, familial, academic and social characteristics. With this data set in particular, it is important to note that in Portugal, the legal drinking age is sixteen years old and most of the participants in the data set are of legal drinking age. One-hundred ninety-five participants out of one-thousand forty-four total participants, or 18.68%, are underage. The data set was extremely clean, as there were no missing values in the data set. Examples of the variables provided were: sex, age, address (urban v. rural), parental status (together v. apart), mother’s education, father’s education, guardianship, travel time to school, study time, number of classes failed, school support, extracurricular support, etc. Of all the provided variables, the three variables that our group chose to remove from our data set were school, reason and weekend alcohol consumption. The variable school only told the reader, whether the student attended Gabriel Pereira or Mousinho da Silveira. As a group, we justify removing this variable in order to make our findings more applicable to the general population, and not just those students who attended either of the two schools. The other variable we removed was reason. This variable represents the reason that the student attended the school that he or she did, whether it be reputation or the course offering, etc. Since this variable was…

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