The Legal Age Should Be Raised Essay

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Young adults are so excited to turn 21. Simply because that is the age when they can legally purchase and drink alcohol. Today there are so many young adults getting drunk. Drinking and getting drunk is how they have fun. There are many negative effects due to the legal age being 21. 21 is a young age and the brain is still developing, alcohol can damage or slow down brain development. There are many car accidents involving drunk driving. This also creates problems among college students and binge drinking. The legal age should be raised to 25.

As mentioned above, at the age of 21 the brain is still developing. there are a lot of young adults at 21 drinking alcohol. Usually those who drink heavily at 21 started drinking at an even younger age. According to alcohol alert, it states “Exposing the brain to alcohol during this period may interrupt key processes of brain development possibly leading to mild cognitive impairment as well as to further escalation of drinking … subtle alcohol-induced adolescent learning impairments could affect academic and occupational achievement”. Also according to consequences of unerage drinking, “the hippocampus , the part of the brain that plays an important role in the consolidation of information from short term memory to long term as well spatial navigation, is affected by alcohol and continues to develop well into the twenties. Early drinking translates to poor performance on tests of memory, attention, and spatial skills”

If young…

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