The Legacy Of Waldo 's Life Essay example

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Waldo’s life started September 8th, 1923 in Caldwell, Idaho. Caldwell is a small town in Idaho, so small that his middle and high school were in the same building. Waldo’s life wasn’t easy, even from the start, his dad died when he was ten. From then on, he and his other siblings were raised by his mom. He like to ride bikes, visit the market for some candy, and hang out with his friends. He played football, basketball, and tennis in high school and was the 3rd best on the tennis team. The events in Waldo’s life shaped him to be the great man that he is today. Seeing and being a part of WWII, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Vietnam war has made Waldo a part of the history that has changed America forever.

Most every healthy young man either volunteered or was drafted to be in WWII, Waldo was no exception. Knowing he would be drafted eventually Waldo volunteered for the Navy and entered the V12 program (Stone). Since the U.S. Navy supported a large shipbuilding program, there was a need for a large amount of officers to man those ships. The V12 program was created because of this, the Navy partnered with around 130 colleges and universities around the country. When the V12 was released in 1943, the program gave an accelerated course of college level education and also military training to train young men into Navy Officers (Navy V-12). After passing his V12 course in Kalamazoo, Michigan; Waldo transferred into the Navy. Waldo’s first assignment was to haul 200 troops to…

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