The Legacy Of The Civil War Essay

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“Longing hearts could only stand so much longing.” Margaret Mitchell

In a period of time after the tragic Civil War, America entered a time of rebuilding, known as the Reconstruction. During this time, the northerners had created a movement to create equal rights for former slaves, fighting to get them all the rights that white Americans had. For a while, it seemed as if things were going in favor of Reconstruction; Three amendments were made giving black Americans more rights, a Military Reconstruction Act was founded, black churches and schools were built, and African Americans were even elected to congress. For a moment it looked like after not too long black Americans would have all the same advantages that most other Americans had, and maybe this could have been achieved if not for the election of 1876. During this time, America saw two presidential candidates: republican Rutherford B. Hayes and democrat Samuel J. Tilden. In reality, Tilden should have won via popular vote by a landslide, but due to rumors of a new Civil War arising, The Compromise of 1877 was created, giving the presidency to Hayes. He then decreed that he would remove all northern Federal soldiers from the South, guaranteeing that all-white governments there would come to power. This was the final push that officially ended Reconstruction for good. Before this final straw, however, Reconstruction as a whole was already starting to weaken and fall apart. Of course this leaves one question: which…

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