Essay on The Legacy Of The American Democracy

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When America was created it made many promises. The most important promise it made was the promise of democratic governance. A nation where the people has a voice and chooses who will govern them. A nation without a king or queen, with multiple parts making a government. Some people think the government has done a great job and has succeed in fulfilling this promise. However, others think the government has done a halfway job and has failed in multiple ways in creating a democratic government. This essay will talk about the multitude of ways the government has fulfilled and the few ways it has failed the nation in making a democratic governance. The American Democracy was made off of many different philosophical foundations based off the Enlightenment that influenced our founding fathers and help with our democratic governance. One of the Enlightenments was natural rights. This idea came from John Locke, a philosopher and writer. He idea is the strongest influence on our democracy. He wrote a book called Two Treatises of Government that was significant because it explained how no king has divined rights, but everyone has natural right . These right were a right to life, liberty, and property. Everyone should be equal and the laws should protect everyone. He felt the power of the government should come from the people; that people should choose who will govern them. Locke idea influenced the one the founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson. He took Locke’s idea and changed it…

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