Essay on The Legacy Of President Ronald Reagan

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The legacy of President Ronald Reagan has had an impact on the United States of America that lasts to this very day. While many of his actions have helped America considerably over the years, one specific piece of legislation passed during his time has created what is arguably the largest tax burden shouldered by American taxpayers in the 21st century (excluding the defense budget of course). The Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986, supported and fervently advocated by President Reagan, marked the beginning of the end for American prison systems. This particular piece of legislation initially aimed to mitigate and ultimately solve the drug crisis our country was and still is facing; unfortunately, it operated under the principle that harsh punishments are an effective deterrent for crime. As a result of this unfortunate assumption, the Act instead undermined the efficacy of our prison system by ushering in the era of retributive justice for drug crimes. The primary means by which this occurred was the introduction of new mandatory minimum sentencing laws for drug offenses, which have, over the years, proven to be destructive for prisoners, judges, and the average citizen of the United States alike. Due to the utterly dismal failure of mandatory minimum sentences to achieve their intended goal, it seems rather clear that all legislation regarding mandatory minimums needs to be overhauled and entirely re-written for the sake of all affected parties; this becomes apparent after…

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