The Legacy Of President Obama Essay

1378 Words May 11th, 2016 6 Pages
Due to the fact that President Obama had already served his four-year term, this could be seen as a disadvantage, as to that his opponents could target his mistakes, and evidently the weak economy that the president had not aided. Obviously there are always key moments in a campaign trail, where one can reflect on to realize the evidence of how the campaign effective the candidate, for President Obama, there are several moments. One of the key components was the whole Ohio/ Auto Bailout situation. Basically in Ohio, its estimated that about one in eight jobs depend on the auto industry, and people were afraid and disappointed with Obamas unemployment rates that this is and was affecting them. Due to this, Obamas team put an exceptional effort by touting the government rescue of Chrysler and General Motors, and getting a multitude of supporters to help win Ohio. Another example is Hurricane Sandy, which was a deadly storm that occurred in the Northeast around the end of October of 2012. This gave a final opportunity, right before the election, to parade remarkable presidential leadership to the public eye. New Jersey’s prominent Republican Gov. Chris Christie – who had been the keynote speaker at the GOP convention in August – praised Obamas leadership and the federal response to the devastation the storm wrought upon his state” (Jackson). “In the election day exit poll, 15 percent of voters said that Obama 's reaction to the hurricane was the most important factor in their…

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