Essay about The Legacy Of Kanye West

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Kanye West was born on June 7th 1977 in Atlanta Georgia before his mom moved to Chicago where Kanye was raised for the majority of his life. While growing up in Chicago, Kanye became involved in the Chicago hip hop scene rapping as early as third grade. While growing up in the hip hop scene of chicago, Kanye met No ID who gave him more tips on how to produce music. It was through this relationship that Kanye learned how to sample, as well as get a peek into the music industry. Kanye went to the American Academy of Art before transferring to Chicago State University, where his mother was the head of the English department. However, Kanye was giving more time to his music aspirations than his school work. This caused him to drop out of CSU his junior year. Ater dropping out of college, Kanye made money making beats for local Chicago artist and then joining the group “Go-Getters” as a rapper and producer.

In 2000, Kanye got the opportunity to produce for New York rapper Jay-Z, producing “This Can’t Be Life” off of his album The Dynasty. The following year, while still producing for local artist and various commercial artist, Kanye then produced 4 songs off of Jay-Z’s album “The Blueprint” with the hit song ‘Izzo (H.O.V.A)” becoming Kanye’s first #1 song he produced. Following the success of his work on the Blueprint, Kanye became the go to producer between 2001-2004. He was signed to Roc-A-Fella records as an in-house producer. With this, he produced many hit songs of that…

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