Essay about The Legacy Of Andrew Jackson

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Andrew Jackson was one of the most powerful presidents in the nineteenth century and often viewed as being the future of the American democracy. As a president, he was not a friend of the Native American population to say the least. This was no surprise considering the numerous campaigns he had led against many of the Indian tribes along the Southern borders as a major general. In his rise to presidency, inequality was very much present, especially among the Native American people. Jacksons view of the Indians was based solely on their land. This was a time where white settlers were in the golden era of expansion and the only obstacles in their way were the Indian nations who inhabited this land. Jackson was a strong advocate of relocating these Indian nations to western territory, leaving these eastern territories free for expansion. His involvement with the Native Americans began with offers of treaties and peaceful agreements promising western land in exchange for their eastern lands. Many tribes accepted and went peacefully but not willingly. However, when opposition grew, he went a step further and began to exercise forceful removal. Whenever his proposed treaties were shot down with rebellion from these southern Indian nations, armies of soldiers were sent to force acceptance and relocation. He gave the federal government power to exchange the land rights of the eastern Indian territories for western lands. Jackson had no sympathy and this was shown when he went to the…

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