The Leadership Theory Of Leadership Essay

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Stephen R. Covey once stated “We immediately become more effective when we decide to change ourselves rather than asking thinks to change for us.” Assessing yourself regularly as a manager is just as imperative as assessing your employees. To that end, I have taken the Seven Habits Profile and I ranked mainly in the “ very good”. However the rankings that were most significant to me where the ones I ranked in the “outstanding” range: Think Win/Win, Seek First to Understand and Synergize. These areas most exhibit my style of leadership. The leadership theory that best portrays a representation of my leadership style is the Relationship Theory also known as the Transformational Leadership Theory. “Thinking Win/Win” supports the Transformation Theory in that it seeks a common ground where everyone benefits, whether it is making transactions of change easier and people more productive. “Seek First to Understand” supports this theory in that it indicates how imperative effective communication and listening is. Covey suggests we engage in "Empathic Listening"(239). According to Covey we should effectively listen to t others to gain insight and view the world as they do. Also, “Synergize” aligns with the Transformational Theory in view of through creative cooperation two or more individuals could harvest something so outstanding that neither party could do alone. "The goal of transformational leadership is to “transform” people and organizations in a literal sense – to change…

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