The Laws Of Consent Are Important For The Protection Of Children

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Introduction Gernalow Wilson was a 17 year old young man convicted of aggravated molestation of a 15 year old girl. The girl states throughout the trial that she consented to the act. The law states that a person has to be at least 16 years of age to legally consent to any sexual act. In other situations the families try to solve these types of problems within the family without law. People should be able to handle things like this because the children are of similar age it shouldn’t have the law involved if there wasn’t force or if there is no major age difference. This is only a thought in a “prefect world”. “The laws of consent are especially important for the protection of children from pedophiles – adults with a pathological sexual attraction to children. Unfortunately, the way the line in the sand was drawn for this case; it handled pedophilia in exactly the same way as perfectly normal sexual drives in young people. A young woman of nearly 16 is biologically sexually mature. A young man of 17 is pretty much at his sexual prime. Sexual attraction between them is normal and natural, without a bit of pedophilia involved. That does not mean sexual activity is ethical! But it does mean that there is a difference between predatory behavior of an adult with children, and a relationship between teenagers around about the dividing lines chosen by the state” (law ethics). The results of this case landed a thriving young man with a bright future in a place where he didn’t…

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