Essay on The Law Of Freedom Of Speech

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The United States path to freedom was long and arduous. It took almost two hundred years to establish a firm constitution, the limits it had on people, and how much power the government had over citizens’ freedom. On the path to freedom, many people suffered. Eugene V. Debs was sentenced to 10 years in prison simply for talking to a group of workers about something the government disagreed with (Eugene V. Debs). Alice Paul, an early feminist, was imprisoned, beaten, and tortured on multiple occasions simply for speaking her mind on feminism (Alice Paul: Feminist, Suffragist, and Political Strategist). Eventually, the United States established firm constitutional limits, yet, even today people still question just how much power our government has, and if certain laws should still be in place. A law whose rights are often questioned is the law of freedom of speech, which allows people to say what they want without facing government consequences. But, people often use the privilege of freedom of speech to justify cruel words they speak to others. This has caused many to wonder: does freedom of speech justify hate speech? Freedom of speech is not a bad thing. It is a right that was given to United States citizens allowing them to speak their minds. But, while freedom of speech is not a bad thing, the misinterpretation of the law, the misuse of the law, and the consequences of misuse of the law of freedom of speech can be.
One problem that is faced with the law of freedom of…

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