The Law, By Frederic Bastiat Essay

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In the essay The Law, Frederic Bastiat argues how the perversion of the law affects its subjects in an adverse manner. He describes the law as, in its proper form, organized justice. The perversion of the law includes the violation of natural, or God-given, rights, which are personality (life), property, and liberty. According to Bastiat, forced government interventions like e.g. taxation are perversions of the law, since in its pursuit to help one group, it infringes on the rights of another. This is beginning of legalized plunder.
Bastiat identifies the two reasons as to why he believes the law in question is perverted by socialist tendencies. The first reason he recognizes is the greed of the few that control or the make laws. He explains that it is easier for those men to rally to take money from other men instead of working ceaselessly for it themselves.
The second reason as to why Bastiat believes the law is being perverted is the practice of misunderstood philanthropy. He goes on to explain that this reason is not driven by greed life the first, but by the inaccurate idea that in taking wealth from others they will be able to help those in need. Both of these reasons, in Bastiat’s words, could be the cause of a number of legal plunders that include programs like progressive taxation, free education, right to assistance, etc.
A logical argument is imperative to convince the audience that the speaker, in this case Bastiat, is correct and to persuade them to change…

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