The Last Supper As A Single Or A Group Essay

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The Last Supper includes thirteen characters in the painting. Every character has his own expression and gesture according to his personality, and they are related to the moment which is the first indication of the betrayal before the identification of Judas as a single or a group (Heydenreich 47). This painting depicts how Jesus was betrayed by one of his disciple, while having the last supper with his disciples before his death. His disciples respond differently to this information. Jesus sits in the middle, and each side has six disciples, but Jesus is separated from them. The middle window separated him from his disciples, which indicates that Jesus is alone in his final journey. He reaches out his hand, and one hand faces up, other hand faces down. His movement means that this is the end, and he can do nothing to change anything. His eyes are also looking down, but he does not show the kindness like the Virgin Mary in the Virgin of the Rocks. The Jesus in the Last supper looks upset and in despair for the traitor and other sinners. The Virgin also reaches out her hand, but she is getting Saint John and Jesus together which means that her movement is bring something close to her. However, Jesus in the Last Supper wants to give himself a private space which means he using his hand as a wall that protect himself from the traitor. This gesture is the same as his in the Last Judgement which is also signifies saving and condemning. To analyze the Last Supper, we need to…

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