The Last Night - Original Writing Essay examples

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Becca woke up the next morning disturbed by the recent events and for the first time decided to give some serious thought to seeing a shrink. She was glad it was Sunday. There was no way she could handle school or much less seeing her friends. She planned to keep away from everyone as much as possible today, especially Ashley. She wouldn’t be able to pretend everything was fine when both the episode from yesterday and the disturbing dream from last night were haunting her. Ashley would be busy at the ice rink all day, so Becca planned to have a pajama day and do some serious thinking.
Searching her drawer for her favorite pajama bottoms, panic started to set in when there was no trace of them. Just when she was contemplating a quick load of laundry, she saw the corner of her pajama bottoms with the unmistakable “PINK,” written across the rear in a shiny silver print. Her day was already looking up. Choosing an old t-shirt out of the same drawer, she tossed them on her bed and changed. Before heading to the bathroom, she took a rubber band and piled her hair to perfection.
While brushing her teeth, several thoughts popped in her head. Envisioning the faces of the ballerina she saw at the ice rink and the lady on the dance floor from her dream the night before, she closed her eyes and brought their faces together. She was sure the beautiful ballerina and the stunning lady in the scarlet dress were the same person. But who is she?
When she recalled the handsome man from her…

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