Essay on The Last Night Of The Earth Poems By Charles Bukowski

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The language in “The Last Night of the Earth Poems” by American poet Charles Bukowski does not contain strong metaphors, nor deep structured rhymes, therefore his poetic stories, which are instant pictures from Bukowski’s perspective, can be understood easily since the reader knows what people are going through in their life. As a result of this, the author could express his ideas smoothly. The enjambments, unnatural line break that is used by poets to excite the readers, through Bukowski’s poetry makes the reader wonder how the next line in a poem is going to be. He also makes the readers read the rest of the poem as well as the book. The poet prefers to use unexpected line breaks since he wants to draw the images better with his stories than focusing on the other temperaments of poetry.

The line breaks are the most visible characteristic of Bukowski’s style that occurs at the climax of the lines! The climax is the turning point for a narrative in which case is the turning point of a sentence in Bukowski’s poems. For an example, “He sat naked and drunk in a room of summer/ night, running the blade of the knife” is an example from the poem “question and answer” by Charles Bukowski. The reader portrays “a room of summer” in their mind, however the room has nothing to do with summer, in fact, it is just a simple room! “Summer” is the adjective of the noun “night” in the other line. Another explanation can be like this: First line: In the reader’s mind, there is a naked drunk…

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