The Last Game - Original Writing Essay

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This is the last game I 'm sitting out for. It 's been a couple weeks since the last game which we won. I sit next to my fellow players who haven 't been in the game yet. They were cheering on our team as they were in the lead. I sit back and observe everything. The crowd of the other school was look down from the many fallouts their team had. My eyes then trail to the back of Harry who was pacing back and forth.

The way he was dressed, people probably think he 's a student just ordering us around for fun. He was wearing basketball shorts, a black sweater, and Nike shoes with high socks. It was his usual outfit, but for some reason it seems to be more— I can 't describe it.

"Time out!" the other team 's coach calls.

The whistle blows and everyone scatters off the court. The girls gather around Harry, but I stay seated. I was still upset about not playing. Even though I wasn 't playing, at least I was still able to come.

"You 're doing great out there as always." Harry encourages them.

He looks over his shoulder and our eyes connect. They quickly disappears as he turns back. He takes a couple players out and puts in new ones. The time was up and the game was started up again. He walks over to coach Payne who was focused on the game. They start talking and I was getting bored. I get up from the seat I 've been sitting in since the game started and leave the gym. I make it outside with the cold wind blowing from the fall weather.

I climb onto a brick wall nearby and…

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