Summary Of Animal Equality By Singer

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The first point that Singer makes is that people should always be aware of the last form of discrimination. He explains that Black Liberation movement was and still is the example for other minorities, and its success gives hope to other movements. Discrimination makes people change their attitudes and pretend to be someone else in order not be oppressed. The author suggests that if we look at those who are being oppressed from their point of view, we might find another form of discrimination we might want to point out.
The form of discrimination which always was and still is widely common is the decline of animal equality. Singer points out that animals are treated unequally because they don’t have the abilities people have. Women had and
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People should not take such differences into account when considering equality. What we should look into is the equal consideration of needs and interests of other people in order to make life better for everyone. The important point that the author makes is that capacity of suffering should give the rights to equality. Singer proposes that suffering and enjoyment come before any interests and that must be taken seriously. This gives the reason for equality as there is not moral explanation why it should not be considered. We make animals suffer greatly in order to satisfy our needs of food. This, according to the author, can be described as speciesism as animals are killed in many horrific ways. It denies any other species interests other from humans in every way because we doing for nothing else but pleasure. Also, Singer suggests that experimenting with other species for human interests is another major form of speciesism. Animals are chosen for experiments because they are irrational, but there are irrational humans as well. However, they are not taken for experiments because we see it as traditionally immoral. Just being a human gives you a privilege and that creates discrimination of other …show more content…
As the author mentioned, by looking at characteristics that all humans and animals possess would change this kind of thinking. From this point of view, people would see other species as equals. However, philosophers often do not acknowledge this kind of thinking by discerning differences such as rationality and morality between humans and other animal species. If we would start killing other humans for pleasure like we kill animals, it would completely immoral, but that does not appear to be the case when it comes to animals, even though it should, because philosophers cannot accept that humans and other animal species can be or should be

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