The Last Dog Pamphlet Essay

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The last dog
Plot stages:
* The story happens inside and outside the dome in the future. * Characters: * Brock – pod fellows – scientists – Brog * Background: * The story is about a boy called Brog who lived in a dome and is isolated from the external world. He got information about the outside world from novels and ancient fictions.
Rising Action * Conflict becomes more complicated when Brock went out of the dome and explored what’s outside in the external world. He was surprised to find a young do next to its dead mother. He decides to take the dog to the dome and named it Brog.
* Back in the dome, scientists perform several tests and experiments on Brog. They decided that Brog is the
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Reading novels and ancient fictions made Brock interested to explore the outside world.
4-What is meant by canis familiaris ?
It’s the scientific name for a “dog”.
5-What did the computer at the dome detect when Brock returned back?
He detected something warm-blooded which was not on the list. It thought that it is a robopet, but Brock corrected that robopets are bloodless. He explained that this was a real dog.
6-Compare and contrast between Brock and his pod fellows. Both of them were born in a laboratory. Both of them have no mother and instead a pod master and a computer take care of them. Both of them lived inside the dome all their life. Brock liked to go outside the dome while his pod fellows were afraid to go outside the dome. Broke spent his time reading ancient fictions and novels while his pod fellows like to play games on computers.
7-What is the main theme in the last dog?
The main theme in the story is the real meaning of friendship and the importance of family. Brock didn’t have family or friends. When he found the dog, he discovered the importance of having a companion which gave him a flood of emotions.
8-Why did Brock decide to return to the dome?
Brock decided to go back to the dome again to save food for Brog. He had developed emotions towards Brog and decided not to leave it alone in the outside world. It shows that Brock recognized the importance of companionship and he valued to be with

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