The Language Of Poetry Essay

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The language of poetry

I have found myself in this situation many times before. The whole class staring at me because I started to speak, but what stumbles out seems to be foreign from what was in my head. I catch sight of what I am trying to say and I know it is perfect, yet the words are jumbled and hesitant. Everyone contemplating what they have heard, even though I swear they did not come out of my mouth. Which builds a wall between them and I, a language barrier restricting them from me and my mind. I look as though I am clueless, as I am stupid. Expectations of the world around me seem to hold me by the tongue, toxicate my thoughts, and most tragically tame my language. Since grade school, I have always been classified as almost there, that word, almost, appears to haunt me throughout my life. I have been force feed that my thinking is not right,at least not what it should be according to the state. I am pushed to think outside the lines, told life is limitless, yet of course within their walls. My authentic language never gets to be measured, only because I respond with what II am believed they want to hear. But when given an opportunity to write, that is when my words, truly myself, feel most at home. That is when the world is finally asking me for my opinion, and my opinion can never be wrong.

Language comes into effect as soon as we are able to hear the world around us. Your environment and the people populating it, shape the way you communicate throughout…

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