The Land Of Egypt : The Nile River And The Civilization Essay examples

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The land of Egypt was located on the Nile River and the civilization was centered on this mighty river for many reasons. The river provided water, food and transportation to the Egyptians. The Nile would flood every year from June to September leaving behind a very fertile silt that would be left behind from the flood waters. The ancient Egyptians developed irrigation methods to control the flow of the water so that they could grow their crops during the rainy and the drought season. The main crops of Ancient Egypt were wheat and barley, as well as lettuce, beans, onions, figs, dates, grapes, melons and cucumbers. Flax was also grown and used to make the linens and cloths that they wore and traded with others. Trade was important to Egypt and goods were imported and exported from countries around the Mediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea and the Red Sea. They traded back silver from Syria, cedar wood, oils, and horses from Lebanon, copper from Cyprus, gems from Afghanistan, ebony, wood, and ivory from other parts of Africa. The main exports from Egypt were gold and other minerals, wheat, barley and papyrus sheets. Papyrus was a writing material made from the papyrus plant that grew in the Nile River. The Nile provided everything to the Egyptians food, water, transportation and a lot of the materials they needed to build their rafts and homes.…

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