The Laboratory Experiment : Using The Compound Light Microscope

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Within the laboratory experiment the external and internal functions of the microscope were observed. Also the specimens magnified through the microscope. The opportunity to create a specimen was given through the rubbing of the cheek cell. The skill of focusing images improved through the course of the experiment


The Microscope is a scientific instrument that enlarges images of small objects that are difficult to visualize with one’s bare eyes. The microscope consists of two magnifying lenses, the ocular and the objective lense, which enhances the visibility of a specimen that is to be examined. The main objective of the laboratory experiment to understand the demonstration of the required procedures used while using the compound light microscope, as well as the making and usage of the wet mount. Another objective of the experiment is to insure the adjusting of the magnification of a microscope is correctly executed. The experiment serves as a guide on how to handle the microscope properly, and explains the changes in the filed of view and the amount of light when switching from high power objectives using the microscope, also describes the importance of centering an object in the field of view when changing to and from a high-power objective. This experiment specifically allows one to understand the techniques of a microscope through the examination of the a Human Cheek Cell and Plant Cells (Onion), as well as the letter “e” with low and medium power…

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