The Korean Wave And Korean Culture Essays

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The research that we choose to do was on the Korean wave. We chose to do our project on the Korean Wave because we wanted to learn about Korean Culture and why the Korean Wave was rising in popularity. What is the Korean Wave and why is is increasing in popularity? The Korean wave is about the increasing popularity of South Korean Culture around the world that started in 1997. The Korean wave started with the spread of Korean dramas across east, south and Southeast Asia and later became a global phenomenon after the creation of K-Pop music videos on YouTube. The Korean wave is made up of Korean popular music (K-Pop), Korean dramas, language, technology, and cuisine. Each one has made a significant contribution to the rise of the Korean wave.
Korean popular music or K-pop has been a big factor in the growing popularity of the Korean wave. K-pop became well known after “Gangnam Style” became a worldwide phenomenon after it was released on YouTube. After the release of PSY’s music video, K-pop started growing in popularity from Asia to North America. There are numerous reasons why K-pop is popular around the world. The first reason are the costumes used in the music videos. The costumes used are very creative and colorful which makes K-pop stand out from other types of music genres. The next reason is the personality of the singers in the videos. Each of the singers have their own unique style and stand out from the crowd. Another reason are the types of fashion used in music…

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