The Korean War And The Afghanistan War Essay

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The Korean War and The Afghanistan War were two major events in the cold war, but both shared some differences and similarities. Each war was placed in a totally different theater around the globe. They both started in different ways, for different causes, in different settings, and with different ending, but still managed to have some similarities in them. We’ll be talking about all the difference and similarities. We will talk about each war in detail and how each started and ended and everything in between them.
The Korean War began on June 25, 1950 when North Korea, led by Kim Il Sung, invaded South Korea along the 38th parallel. “At an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, the members demanded the immediate withdrawal of the North Korean troops and called upon U N members to furnish appropriate assistance to South Korea.” (Zedong P3). Kim Il Sung wanted to unite Korea together but under a communist rule. The 38th parallel is a main word and is one of the biggest parts in this war, as it’s the part or border that splits between north and south Korea. When Kim Il Sung invaded South Korea, he had to go through this part. “It divides North and South Korea, passes through Athens and San Francisco, and bisects Mono Lake in the eastern Sierra Nevada, where authors David and Janet Carle make their home” (Carle 1). This war is different than most of the other wars because this war is between the two different sides of one country, whereas any other war, its mostly…

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