The Knowledge Of English Is Imperative For Immigrants Essay

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The Knowledge of English is Imperative for Immigrants

What is the American identity? America developed from immigrants who laid the principal foundations upon which this nation was born. And now immigrants must still help progress this nation; however, true progress can only be achieved by those who have a firm grasp of the language of their new country. A common language forms unity. The American identity and economic infrastructure relies on a united country and will be compromised if there is a lack of communication and cohesiveness within the country. For the nation to have the best chance of economic success in America, immigrants coming to the U.S. need to learn English for development of an American identity for themselves.
A shared common language helps unite everyone at the most basic level. Words express emotions and feelings to help invoke a sense of empathy that can help people relate to one another. In simpler terms, everyone sharing a common language is vital for progress because we need to understand each other. Maragret Nagle had originally written the The Good Lie as a “call to action” for the general American public. This film is an impetus to help support and fund refugees of war and the Lost Boys of Sudan, the hope being that the audience can relate to the hard working Lost Boys trying to make it in America. Albeit her original claim is that although we may live on different continents, we are still the same people at heart; I would argue that the story…

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