The Kingdom Has Been At Peace For Thirty Years Essay

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The kingdom has been at peace for fifty years, with no disruptions from the surrounding lands. Just fifty years before the solid peace, treacherous war had broken out between the English and the Netherlands. The Dutch invaded abruptly searching for the gem that every living person wants in their possession. This sacred object has the ability to fulfill wishes, extend one 's life, rejuvenate, and most amazingly achieve immortality. The wars had come to an end due to the harsh winters that had hit the land causing large amounts of death and the signing of a treaty between the English King Guiomar and the Netherland King Leonide. All Netherland forces were retracted from English soil and sailed back to the Netherlands. No noise or quarrel has been heard from them ever since the war. All they do is exchange nice greetings and check in to see how the English king is going along ruling his vast land.
Lately there has been fabricated rumors about the plots of invasion by the Dutch King Leonide. The English population feared for this day because they knew they weren 't prepared for the deathly blow of the Dutch army. The rumors consisted of plots to once again attack the English in search of the sacred Cintamani. Word has not been given as to why they have decided to go on the search to steal this jewel back. Also on the search for this jewel was one Englishman known by the name of Sir Lucrece. Lucrece was unlike all the men that he had grown up with nor was he born into a high…

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