The Key Function Within Human Resources Management Essays

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Introduction The key function within Human Resources Management this document will audit is Total Rewards, specifically comparing and contrasting the current model to a new Total Rewards package for the organizational change from a tiered organization to a new, flatter, hybrid “Money Advisor” model.
The question of appropriate compensation is a critical question as G&F Financial Group moves toward the organizational change called, “Member Experience 2.0”.

Backgrounder – Introducing G&F Financial Group
GFFG is the 10th largest Credit Union (CU) in BC, with 26,000 members and $1.3 billion in Assets-Under-Administration. GFFG employs just fewer than 200 people, has 14 branches, and a “Member Hub” call-centre. GFFG is somewhat unique due to a merger between a unionized Credit Union with a non-unionized Credit Union, five of the branches are unionized but the rest are not.
An organizational change GFFG is going through is one that fundamentally shifts the delivery of services to its members. The change consists of the shift from a traditional banking structure in which branches are staffed with a large number of employees in specialized roles – typically consisting of tellers, account managers, lending officers, and assistant and branch managers. New branches will consist of a flatter structure of two levels – a new hybrid role called “Money Advisor”, and the managers.
This organizational change requires an analysis of whether the current compensation model based on years…

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