Essay about The Justice As A Society Free Of Criminals

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The Justice unit discussed in class has greatly refined and adjusted some of the views and ideas I had about justice. The justice unit influenced several views of mine, however, I think there were some ideas that were influenced in a greater way than others. I think some of my views like Why do we punish, revenge role in punishment and juveniles and adult sentences were among the major ideas amended through discussions in class.

Firstly, I was informed about a fairly important topic in justice, the topic is why do we punish? Before this unit, I have not used my time to explore the topic, however, after the unit I have formed my opinion that we punish to deter potential criminals and to reform the current outlaws. I believe that the purpose of punishment is to create a society free of criminals. My view attempts to achieve this by eliminating as many criminals as possible through deterrence and to reform current criminals. My new thought is to create a punishment that is harsh enough to eliminate the possibility of potential criminals but not to create laws that are too harsh so it leaves an opportunity for the criminal to be converted into a productive citizen. For example, a fine for non-violent crimes would be the perfect example because it deters people from the crime by the threat of taking away their hard-earnt money while on the other hand, it reforms the offender because it takes away the offender’s hard-earnt money and teaches him to not commit the crime again or…

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