Essay about The Jury System By Kenneth Jost

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The Jury System by Kenneth Jost
Are major changes needed? Should peremptory challenges be abolished?

1. What is at issue? What is the claim behind this issue? Why is this important now? What impact will it have on the future?
- The proceeding issue deals with whether or not to abolish the peremptory challenges within the judicial system. Peremptory challenges allow attorneys to dismiss potential jurors without the inclusion of a reason as to why. The author includes one side that favors the abolishment of peremptory challenges due to the possibility of subjecting biases. Though, the author also includes the opposing point of view, including that of a prosecuting attorney, Michael D. Barnes. Barnes believes that peremptory challenges should not be abolished and remain as it is, theorizing that it helps guard against injustice. In general, the judicial system has not always been viewed as just. Therefore, questioning the system may bring about changes that may possibly improve its overall outlook. This is one issue, possibly amongst many, that may bring about changes that is necessary for a better, more reliable, and/or justifiable court system. As U.S. citizens, constituents have the right to a fair trial granted by the Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. With such a broad variation in court cases, the need for some form of impartial and systematic process is essential in order to help render the most practical verdicts, whether it be keeping criminals off the streets…

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