Essay on The Judicial And Political Scenario Of Brazil

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Considering the current judicial and political scenario in Brazil, the Judiciary Body became considered a function that allows the people to put their trust in judicial decisions, thereof as being the most effective means of achieving equity in Legal and Social Affairs, thereby providing an expected peace and social justice alluded by the Constitution.
Similarly, such institutional development of this function, led the Brazilian Supreme Courts to move forward on certain issues that originally were not under its jurisdiction. This process arose due to extensive ineffectiveness of the Legislative and Executive Branches in acting to meet, with justice and speed, the interests of the community.
In this sense, it becomes necessary to incorporate a second figure that meets these expectations of regulatory and “principle-logical” progressions which the society and the Magna Carta of 1988 started to adopt. This statement holds on the logical condition that, if the society or customs are constantly changing, the right way is for the rules and the law go through the same process of mutational motivation, leading us to believe that both go together in this possible evolutionary relationship.
For these so-called mutations to occur without interference or overlap between the Judicial and Legislative functions, it is essential to make long interpretation of the limits of one 's constitutional jurisdiction. When this hermeneutical process is not performed or is not performed correctly, we…

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