Judicial Selection Process

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The judicial branch encompasses the judges and justices of the state and federal courts. First, we will examine the nomination and appointment process and how it differs from Supreme Court Justices. Then, we’ll analyze how the selection judges and justices and length of terms differ between Supreme Court Justices and members of Congress. Lastly, we’ll take a look at ways that Judges and Justice may be removed from office. Overall, the constitution lays out the framework for a complicated justice system, which differs greatly from the other branches of government. First, let’s discuss the nomination and appointment process of judges and justices. The nomination process for judges and justices start with the President. When a vacancy opens up …show more content…
As previously stated judges are nominated by the President and then confirmed by the Senate. Therefore, the selection process is a rather internal process to account for checks and balances whereas members of congress have a very different selection process. According to Lenz and Holman (2013), congress members are elected official from poplar vote (external process) (p. 55). Again, since congress represents the citizens of the United States it goes with question that the people should employ them which also maintains checks and balances. A major difference between the two branches is term limits. Judges and Justices have a term for life until resignation or impeachment. Likewise, checks and balances are put into place to ensure judges are acting appropriately. For congress members, term lengths differ. Lenz and Holman (2013) reported, “Members of the House are directly elected by the people to serve two-year terms. The members of the Senate were originally chosen by state legislatures and served six-year terms” (p. 55). Essentially, with established term limits on legislatures the people of the United States are able to choose if they want someone else representing them (maintaining checks and balances). Overall, the legislative and judicial branches differ greatly in the selection process and term limits. Next, let’s discuss ways that Judges and Justice may be removed from

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