The Joy Luck Club, By Amy Tan, Pens, Mother Tongue Essay

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Author of The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan, pens "Mother Tongue" concerning the negative judgment that native English speakers have towards individuals who have a basic mastery of English and the comparison to their intelligence. The author uses her mother as an example to convey that limited English speakers can be intelligent and yet not have complete mastery of the language. She suggests that native speakers assumptions deter limited English speakers from pursuing the language arts and from being taken seriously. This article 's contestation against the negative perceptions that others have towards people with Limited English language skills is a valid claim but is not effectively defended in a way that the author’s audience would believe.
The words to describe the type of English her mother, and others who speak like her, are described as "broken", "fractured", or "limited". These words have negative connotations, which reflect in the negative perceptions that others have towards people with limited English. The author observed many occasions of people in businesses ignoring, not understanding her mother, or giving her bad service, undermining her intelligence due to her accent (Tan 22). This piece of evidence supports the author 's goal by showing the reader that her mother, who she describes as a limited English speaker, was belittled in various places. I agree that with this key point and evidence as I have witnessed it happen to family members and friends just from hearing…

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