Essay about The Journey Trip - Original Writing

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The hour had arrived to leave. Cold air engulfs me as I step out the door; white snowflakes gently descend from the heavens as I hear the trunk of our van slam shut. “Is everyone here?” my cautious mother stressed proceeding to recite a rather lengthy roll call as if were in a school classroom again, for the tenth time in the morning it seemed. Long road trips I did not have a care in the world for, so when I learned that my family was going to Mexico for Christmas thrill filled my body, until someone revealed brought up the lengthy time needed to arrive there. Going on a week and a half road trip was one aspect I wasn’t looking forward to, but what was much worse than a long road trip, was a long road trip with kin I could hardly stand.
“Alright everyone, enter in the van and let’s head out!” my father cheered enthusiastically; although a scarce amount of my family members or relatives matched his enthusiasm, for several of us were half-asleep or already asleep in their seats. Mother initiated another roll call and we departed towards the border of Mexico.
Trees, buildings, rivers, fly past us on our way there, but finally we had arrived at our destination. A completely new world stood before my eyes, there were hundreds of people crowding the streets, and honestly, I cannot believe that we worked our way out of there with the colossal van we had. It seemed that once one crowd formed of the elderly, the young, male, and female alike had found its way to a new location,…

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