The journey to the center of the earth Essay

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1. Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay tries to change the reader’s mind by convincing the reader to agree with the writer’s point of view.

An argumentative essay attempts to be highly persuasive and logical. It usually assumes that the reader disagrees with the writer, but it should be noted that the reader is no less intelligent than the writer. Hence an argumentative essay should be written objectively, logically and respectfully.

When planning an argumentative essay, be aware that the essay should contain the following characteristics:
The argumentative essay introduces and explains the issue or case. The reader needs to know what the issue is going to be.
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(19) More cars and more drivers are also on the road, leading to more aggressive drivers.

The essay “Aggressive Driving Should be Avoided” is an example of an argumentative essay. It is organized in the way of an argumentative essay. (The numbers in the essay denote the sentence numbers which will be used here to identify the parts of the essay).

It starts with an introduction which offers a definition of aggressive driving (1), (2) and (3), and further explains the issue (4). Finally it ends with the premise/thesis statement which clearly states the stand taken by the writer (5).

As three reasons are stated in the premise, there are three body paragraphs; each mentioning one reason. Each paragraph starts with a topic sentence which states one of the reasons [(6), (9) and (13)]. Each of these reasons is well-supported by supporting details: (7) and (8) in the second paragraph; (10), (11) and (12) in the third paragraph; and (14) and (15) in the fourth paragraph which is the final body paragraph.

The last paragraph of the essay is the conclusion. It summarizes the three reasons stated in the premise (15). The conclusion restates the stand taken by the writer, that is, aggressive driving should be avoided (17). Sentences (18) and (19) are general statements which support the main premise. These are

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