The Journey Of Ibn Fattouma Essay example

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Title Throughout this essay I am going to discuss the different parts that make up a utopia. To do that I am going to reference the book we read earlier in the semester, The Journey of Ibn Fattouma, because I think that it will give the best background on what an all-around utopian society looks like in several different scenarios. After all, a utopian society is a community or society possessing highly desirable or perfect qualities. What I find interesting about Ibn Fattouma is that he is traveling to different societies to find the so called perfect utopia, because travel usually isn’t associated with finding a perfect society, it is usually just associated with visiting friends and seeing different parts of the world. Ideally where you live and where you have been raised is the supposed perfect utopia, but really it is only because you don’t know any better because that’s all you have known all your life. That’s why I find The Journey of Ibn Fattouma so interesting because he doesn’t just settle for what he knows, he goes to five different societies to see what they are like. Initially, he thought each individual society he went to was the perfect utopian society, although each society was completely different from the other. I am going to pick through each society that Qindil traveled to and the different characteristics they had to make them a so called utopian society. To what extent is freedom a part of a utopia? What kind of freedom? A utopian society is a so…

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