The Journey From Rural Manhattan Jackson Heights And Flushing Queens

960 Words Nov 18th, 2016 4 Pages
Taking the time to go to a destination of culture and different ethnicities, gives the option to open the perspective of different ways of life. The journey from rural Manhattan to Jackson Heights and Flushing Queens opens the eye to many ethnic groups. From the moment on the Subway to the change to the No.7 train, the atmosphere changes and cultures clash. Many would be blindsided and oblivious to the diversity, but going to this destination with the intention of seeking different ways of life opens the eye. Traveling through Flushing and Jackson Heights I witnessed different ethnic groups. On the No.7 train, many different languages were being spoken. Some were French, Spanish, and Chinese. As the trip was an hour long, it took a decent amount of time to arrive at our destination. The first thing I noticed was the streets of Manhattan are more cluttered with commuters with their headphones in and faces glued to their phones. Often the homeless would enter the subway begging for spare change and not receive any attention from the commuters. While looking out the window, I noticed at each stop, there were different forms of graffiti. It seemed as if it was a mural of someone expressing their different views on life. On No.7 train, the passengers were communicating with each other. I notice the only people in my range of observation that were using their phones were searching for directions. I was surrounded by many of different ethicists and who spoke different languages.…

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