The Johnson & Johnson Co Op Experience Essay

1437 Words Dec 19th, 2015 null Page
The Johnson & Johnson co-op experience is one of the most highlighted opportunities in Rutgers Business School. Many faculty members and students rave about the chance to participate in a six month long job with such a strong pharmaceutical company, especially in the area of Supply Chain. Before starting this position, I never would have thought I would end up at this company – it was never on my list of attainable goals. However, as I look back at these last six months, I can affirmatively say this experience have far exceeded my expectations. I have learned so much at this company, specifically in my roles, which have helped me grow both professionally and personally. My improved skills and overall impression that I am leaving with the company are a sheer testament to my success. Above all, Johnson & Johnson is a tremendous place to not only work, but learn as well. Working here as a co-op has increased my competencies of the core supply chain principles. By learning and using a supply chain-wide technology strategy that supports multiple levels of decision making and gives a clear view of the flow of products, services, and information, I was able to run reports on things such as order cut research and product allocation consumption. Utilizing a valuable enterprise resource planning system helped me analyze the flow of inventory from end to end (Make to Deliver). Honing in on the Deliver pillar within my group gave me expertise in the interconnection of all different…

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