Essay on The John F. Kennedy Assassination

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The John F Kennedy Assassination ! The John F. Kennedy Assassination investigators struggled to collect evidence and piece of information. Scene security was almost impossible, the collection of physical evidence was limited due to public interference. Until this day, the JFK assassination remains unsolved and is the most famous murder case that ever exists in U.S history. Looking at the investigations from the criminal justice perspectives, a conclusion to this investigation becomes almost impossible. It was one of the most professional assassinations in history. Americans don 't really know if Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK, maybe it was an inside job from someone working inside legislation. According to Ghose (2013), "Some even say that the killing of the 35th president altered the course of history and that the United States would not have become embroiled in the Vietnam War had he lived". This tragic incident changed the course of American history forever! President John F. Kennedy had a lot more to offer America. Some of the greatest crime investigators from around the world have tried to discover ideas and theories to solve the assassination case; the U.S had to conduct investigations within their Criminal Justice System to ensure more security. The American government did not know whom to trust. The killer that killed President John F. Kennedy had to be a well-trained shooter. Someone perhaps with military experience because pulling three perfect shots to the…

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