The Job Of A Photographer Is No Easy Feat Essay

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At the push of a button the piercing light from the flash fills the area. The sound of the camera shutter snapping open and closed echo’s with a unique tone. This is experienced, with every photo taken, by a professional photographer. With the ultimate responsibility to capture a series of emotions and meanings into one picture; the job of a photographer is no easy feat. By following three guidelines any person with aspirations as a photographer should be successful. Focusing on your photography skills, creating a solid business foundation, and learning to manage and upkeep your business would make you successful.
First, we must start with the basics and develop your photography skills. Most people prefer to spend a bunch of money to sit in a classroom listening to an instructor, who looks to be stuck in the 1970’s. However, self-teaching and experimentation is also a great and possibly more effective way to learn these skills. Skills such as learning how to look at a subject, is one of the most crucial and beneficial basic skills. While looking at your subject, being able to identify potential distractions in the photo, different effects from lighting, and just the placement of your subject will help your photos become exceptional. Just reading and learning these skills only goes so far, so it’s time to obtain your own equipment. While it is tempting to buy the most expensive and the best equipment right away, it is recommended not to do so. Buying a used or older model…

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