The Jesus And The Human Jesus Essay

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There are many questions that arise when discussing Jesus, more importantly, the historical Jesus VS the human Jesus. Some of the many questions that can be asked are, “What does history tell us about the human Jesus?” and “How do we understand Jesus’s humanity?”. By looking deep into these “simple” questions, one can discover many different answers to what become rather complex and un-simple questions. The Jesus of history leads to what can be said about the human Jesus. Meeting Jesus AGAIN for the First Time, by Marcus J. Borg, explains what history has to offer us about the human Jesus. The Gospels are historical documents that provide us with much of the information that we know about the human Jesus today. History can tell us who Jesus was as a human being. Many people hear Jesus, and immediately think Christianity. Many fail to remember that history tells us that Jesus grew up Jewish and his Scripture was even the Jewish Bible. Borg describes the Jewishness found in Jesus by saying, “Jesus was deeply Jewish” (Borg, 22). The Gospel of Matthew demonstrates a more Jewish Jesus than the other Gospels because Matthew was Jewish. It is important to remember that the Gospels were never meant to be straightforward documents, and that it is crucial to interpret them in the proper context. Using historical accounts, Borg describes the human Jesus in four ways: a spirit person, a teacher of wisdom, a social prophet, and a movement founder (Borg, 30). History tells us that even…

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