The Italian Renaissance And Northern Renaissance Essay

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The Renaissance was a period of great advancement not only culturally but also in reference to technology and science. Individual parts of Europe had their own changes, however, the Italian Renaissance and Northern Renaissance are the two most recorded within Europe. Although they share this in common, they are in fact extremely different, these differences can be observed through artwork in each Renaissance. The Italian Renaissance was concerned with art that they produced to depict beauty and elegance, above all. The Italian Renaissance was also aware that it was in fact just that, a Renaissance. The Northern Renaissance was, however, more concerned with the realism involved in painting, as highlighted by Craig Harbson “In general, as Michelangelo sensed, the northerner more often bent his imagery in ways that instilled fear or pity, while the Italian demanded wonder at his prowess alone.”
The Italian and Northern Renaissances differ in a variety of ways. These differences can be seen in through the subject matter and style of paintings. Italian Renaissance painting is known for subject matters of classical mythology and religious scenes. Northern Renaissance paintings, subject matters also depict religious scenes; however, that is where the similarity ends. Northern Renaissance art subject matter also includes Domestic interiors, landscapes, and portraiture. The style used within the two Renaissances also differs; Italian style illustrates symmetry, balance, and…

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