Essay on The Issues Surrounding Voting Rights

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Lastly, as a result of confronting the issues surrounding voting rights, I would like to discuss Aboriginal electoral participation in Canada to represent the impact these organizations confrontations have had on Indigenous communities. It is no surprise that voter turnout among Aboriginal Canadians is lower than among non-Aboriginal Canadians. Upon researching surveys conducted with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal electors following the last four Canadian federal elections there are reasons for the gap in turnout. Aboriginals who live on First Nations reserves tend to vote less than those who reside off reserves. There are many factors that affect voting turn out for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Canadians such as rural vs. urban, our government, age, civil duty, etc.
Our most recent election is a good representation of the factors that affect whether or not a person votes. Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper attempted to disenfranchise aboriginal voters in the past and so the turnout for Aboriginal Canadians was so high that some reserves ran out of ballots. There was an approximate two hundred seventy percent spike in the 2015 election. Aboriginal people saw the affect of their confrontations and that motivated them to vote and make a positive change. The motivation caught on as Aboriginal’s became excited to get rid of the oppressive government run by Harper, that in itself was a huge motivator for many people who decided to step up and vote. I believe voter…

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