Essay on The Issue On Climate Change

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In a recent poll, it was found that only 41% of the American population believe that the world is being harmed by climate change today, despite there being a scientific consensus that climate change is a proven matter of concern (Wike). Why do such large number of Americans reject the scientific consensus on climate change? There is a widespread misconception that there is a disconnect between scientists on the climate change issue, however the actual disconnect is between the public opinion and the scientific consensus. Is politicization negatively influencing a possible public consensus on climate change? I argue that climate change is the single most polarized and politicized issue in America and through my own research, I will demonstrate that the issue has moved out of the realm of research and into a political arena which is negatively impacting the public consensus on climate change.
The extent to which political orientation moderates the perceived understanding of climate change beliefs is a matter of great concern since, as most of us know, climate change is a major global issue today in light of the changing climatic conditions in many parts of the world. Both public and private institutions are keen to adopt a sustainable practice where they use resources which are at their disposal to mitigate the detrimental effects on the environment in the course and scope of their operations. The role of the government and other political influences cannot be ignored,…

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