Essay on The Issue Of Weight Among The Children

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o Percentage of residents living in poverty in 2013: 15.7% - (17.4% for White Non-Hispanic residents, 100.0% for Black residents, 14.2% for Hispanic or Latino residents) (5)
In contributing to the issue of weight among the children in San Manuel, there is a marked shortage in the frequency with which the children take fruits and vegetable. As earlier explained, this is due to the hardship in accessing fresh produce. This has made a majority of the population in the area, kids included, to get used to processed foods. Processed foods are bad for the body, since the liver usually fails to break them down, thereby making it toxic. This result to the deposition of such things as excess fats, in the body, resulting in increased weight. Actually, there is no single cause for obesity. It comes about as a result of a combination of aspects, which cannot cause weight gain on their own. Obesity comes about as a result of taking too much calories into the body, than might be processed, resulting to the subsequent storage of the excess calories in the form of fats (Wills, 2015) (6). It has adverse short term and long term effects on the child. The risk of cardiovascular ailments is always high, as high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol levels. They will develop symptoms that would tend to link their future likelihood to diabetes, while they would also most likely develop problems to do with their bone structure, as a result of the fact that they are still growing yet their bones…

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